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We have one blue marble bengal kitten available see kitten page for pictures

What is a BLUE Bengal? The colour gene responsible for producing a "blue" Bengal cat is known as a recessive gene; that is, it may be carried by any color and pattern type of Bengal Cat, without the blue gene necessarily showing up in the cat. Blue Bengals are a result of the homozygous recessive dilute gene that changes the positioning of the black pigment in a Bengal’s hairs into segments along the hair shaft making the cat appear a slate grey colour, When a blue male Bengal is bred to a blue female Bengal, all the resulting kittens will be blues. However, it is quite possible for two non-blue Bengals to mate and, if both recessively carry this color gene, produce some blue kittens in their resulting litter, or in future generations if the gene continues to be recessively carried by the offspring. Blue Bengals have the most amazing soft pelts and they are used to add glitter and softeness in the breeding of Bengals.

We are very proud and extremely excited to say we are part of a growing number of worldwide breeders that are working to advance and promote blue Bengals . If you would like more information on Blue Bengals or would like to go on our waiting list please email at the link below.



We now have our very own Blue Lynx point Marble (Blue eyed Blue Snow marble) This colour is fairly new to the Bengal world and combines the beauty of the Snow with the subtle tones of the blue. Bluezapto Casper Magic, who so far has won 30 new trait merits at TICA shows, is one of the few Blue Lynx Point Bengals in the country


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